TidyPas Requirements


TidyPas requires either the TidyLib shared library, "libtidy.so" or optionally (for FreePascal) the static archive "libtidy.a" .

Currently, a pre-built Linux binary is not available anywhere that I know of, but it should be no problem to build the library from source, as long as you have gcc installed.

You can obtain the latest source code release from:

To build TidyPas, cd into the /tidypas/ directory, and type make, then follow the instructions from there.


Unless you have the tools, knowledge and patience to compile your own TidyLib DLL from the C sources, you will need to download and install "libtidy.dll".

There are several versions available on the HTML-Tidy website, or you can download the one I used here:

To build TidyPas from the DOS prompt using GNU make, cd into the \tidypas\ directory, type "make", and follow the instructions.

Warning: the makefiles are NOT compatible with the Borland version of MAKE, if you don't have GNU make installed, you can use the "Makewin.BAT" file to compile with the Delphi command-line compiler.


To build the component version of TidyPas, open a DOS window in the \tidypas\ directory and type the command:
    MAKEWIN gui

This will generate the *.dfm file for the demo, the *.res files for the package, and that pallette-icon thingie.

The MAKEWIN.BAT file depends on being able to find the Delphi utilities ( dcc32.exe, brcc32.exe, convert.exe ) in your PATH statement.
If for some reason this fails, try adding this line to the beginning of MAKEWIN.BAT:
( Or wherever your Delphi binaries are. )


To build the gui demo, the text file "tidyform.frm" must first be converted to the binary form file "tidyform.xfm".

The makefile will attempt to create this file, but it may get confused between the Kylix "convert" program and the ImageMagick command of the same name.

If  make  complains about not being able to find the convert program, you can try again using:
    % make kcc CONVERT=/path/to/your/kylix/bin/convert

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