TidyPas example programs

hello_tidy.pas Simplest TidyPas program: turns the string "Hello World" into HTML document.
htmlwalk.pas Example of how to traverse a document tree using a callback to the ForEachNode procedure.
imglist.pas Example of extracting information from HTML - Lists the values of all <IMG SRC=""> tags.
libdemo.pas Basic example using the TidyLib bindings directly. ( Adapted from the C example in tidy.h )
optdemo.pas Simple demo of how to iterate through tidy's option settings.
reporter.pas Example showing how to gather diagnostics from TidyLib's  ReportFilter  callback.
scraper.pas Example showing how to extract various attribute values from a web page.
tidyhelp.pas Primitive interface to TidyLib's embedded documentation.
tidymove.pas Elementary example using a  tTidyBus  object to perform node-level editing operations.

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