MailPas Requirements


MailPas was intended for use on GNU/Linux systems. Other OS's are not supported, although it might be possible to compile on other UNIX-style systems with a little work.


Additional libraries

This is the same library used by the BALSA email client. If you have balsa, you probably already have libesmtp installed.

If not, check your Linux distro, or get the sources from

This library should already be installed on most systems, as it is the support library for the unix "file" command. If you don't have it, consider upgrading the "file" package to version 4.0 or newer. The latest version can be found at:

If you don't want this, you can $undef the HAVE_LIBMAGIC define in smtpobj.pp, but this will make the SMTP unit unable to accurately describe mime types for attachments. ( In which case binary attachments will simply default to "application/octet-stream" )

Most GNU/Linux systems probably already have OpenSSL, with the exception of "purist" GPL distros such as Debian.

You can get the openssl sources from

If you don't want or need SSL support for POP3, you can $undef the USE_SSL define in pop3obj.pp. The libesmtp binding was generated against an SSL-enabled version of libesmtp, so if your libesmtp was compiled without SSL, you're on your own.

And of course, you will also need FreePascal!


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