tCurl   Properties and Methods

constructor   Create (aOwner:tComponent) destructor   Destroy procedure   Clear class function   Escape (s:string):string
function   Perform : Boolean procedure   ListCookies   class function   Unescape (s:string):string

OnDebug OnWait OnProgress OnHeader
OnReceive OnTransmit OnListCookies  

Boolean Properties
AutoReferer CookieSession CrLf DnsUseGlobalCache
FailOnError FollowLocation ForbidReuse FreshConnect
FtpAppend FtpListOnly FtpSkipPasvIp FtpUseEprt
FtpUseEpsv Header HttpGet HttpProxyTunnel
IgnoreContentLength NoBody NoProgress NoSignal
RequestFileTime SslEngineDefault SslVerifyPeer TcpNoDelay
Threaded TransferText UnrestrictedAuth Upload

Numeric Properties
BufferSize ConnectTimeout DnsCacheTimeout FtpResponseTimeout
InfileSize LowSpeedLimit LowSpeedTime MaxConnects
MaxRedirs PostFieldSize ProxyPort ResumeFrom
TimeCondition Timeout TimeValue WaitInterval

Enumerated Properties
ClosePolicy Encoding FtpAuth FtpSsl
HttpVersion Netrc ProxyType ResultCode
SslCertType SslKeyType SslVerifyHost  

String Properties
CaInfo CaPath Cookie CustomRequest
EgdSocket ErrorString FtpAccount FtpPort
NetInterface NetRcFile Krb4Level PostFields
Proxy ProxyUserPwd RandomFile Range
Referer SourceUrl SourceUserPwd SslCipherList
SslEngine SslKey SslKeyPassword URL
UserAgent UserPwd    

Filename Properties
CookieFile CookieJar
InputFile OutputFile
ErrorFile HeaderFile

Linked-List Properties
HttpHeader Http200Aliases HttpPost FormData
PreQuote Quote PostQuote  
SourcePreQuote SourceQuote SourcePostQuote  
CookieList TelnetOptions SslEnginesList  

I/O Callback Properties and Data
Uploading Downloading Response Headers IOCTL
ReadFunction WriteFunction HeaderFunction IoCtlFunction
InputStream OutputStream HeaderStream IoCtlData

Other Callback Properties and Data
Progress Meter Debugging Threading SSL_CTX
ProgressFunction DebugFunction WaitCallback SslCtxFunction
ProgressData DebugData WaitData SslCtxData

Version information functions: These are defined as class functions.
You can call them directly without initializing an instance of the class.
VersionInfo CurlVersion LibraryVersion VersionNumber
Protocols Machine Features SslVersionString
SslVersionNumber LibzVersion    

Transfer Information functions: These values are only valid AFTER a successful call to tCurl.Perform
They should (mostly) be self-explanatory, see curl_easy_getinfo in the libcurl documentation for clarification.
Note that some values may be empty, depending on the type of transfer, and the information returned by the server.
( For instance SizeUpload is irrelevant when downloading a file. )
EffectiveUrl: string; ContentType: string; HttpCode: Word; SslVerifyResult: LongInt;
NameLookupTime: double; PreTransferTime: double; ConnectTime: double; StartTransferTime: double;
TotalTime: double; SpeedDownload: double; SpeedUpload: double;  
RequestSize: dword; HeaderSize: dword; SizeDownload: dword; SizeUpload: dword;
ContentLengthDownload: dword; ContentLengthUpload: dword; RedirectCount: LongInt; RedirectTime: double;