CurlPas requirements

MS-Windows users: See also the "Win32 notes" section, below.

CurlPas was developed and tested on SuSE Linux 9.2, and should be compatible with most other Linux x86 systems.

CurlPas requires a recent version the libcurl library, available from:
( Most modern GNU/Linux distributions already include libcurl. )

To build CurlPas with GNU Make,   go into the /curlpas/ directory and type "make"

The makefiles are not compatible with Borland MAKE, if you don't have GNU make
you can build CurlPas on Win32 with "Makewin.bat"

Important: The makefile depends on finding your compiler in the PATH !

To install curlpas, you may either copy the files from the /curlpas/src/ directory
into a location where the compiler can find them, or you can edit your compiler
configuration to add the /curlpas/src/ directory to the search path.

For information on using curlpas in your own applications, consult the /curlpas/doc/ directory,
the curlpas sources, and the documentation included with your libcurl installation.

Win32 notes:

  1. Using CurlPas on MS-Windows requires the LIBCURL DLL, available from the website.
    Be sure to get one flagged DEVEL or LIBCURL, not the statically-linked BINARY.
    Either the GENERIC, MINGW32 or MSVC versions should work,
    but the "CYGWIN" version is probably not compatible.

    At the time of this writing, the pascal sources were tested with the generic libcurl-7.15.0,
    where the DLL is named libcurl-3.dll, but some other versions might be named just libcurl.dll.
    If your application can't find the library, you can either rename the DLL, or adjust the line:
      const LIB_CURL='libcurl-3.dll';
    ( defined in curl_h.pas ) and recompile.

    The SSL-enabled version also requires the OpenSSL libraries,
    you can get them from various places, including:

  2. Some of the POSIX-style system calls depend on the system file msvcrt.dll .
    I had some problems with this file on my old Win98 machine.
    If you run into trouble with this, try updating the DLL to the latest version,
    along with its cousins, msvcirt.dll and msvcp60.dll .
    Also note that msvcrt.dll uses special threading functions which might not be
    compatible with Delphi's TThread object.

  3. To build the Delphi component version of CurlPas, be sure to first type
    the command "makewin dcc" in the \curlpas\ directory (from a DOS window).
    This will generate the *.res files for the package and pallette icon.

  4. CurlPas has been tested on Windows 98. I would like to hear from anyone who
    has success (or problems) with other versions of Windows.